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Seize the (work)day

Meeting fatigue sucks. Witful automatically organizes action items and turns notes into valuable context so that you’re always prepared as you jump between meetings. Never again miss a follow-up.

Witful app home page
Witful app home page

What our customers are saying

I used Evernote for years. I found it cumbersome for making use of content from my meetings. For me, Witful is all about simplified workflow.

It has been like a decluttering of my workspace.
VP, Digital Experience
After using Witful for only a few days, I felt the difference, and it’s evident not only to me but to all the teams I manage.

So easy to use and learn with immediate impact.

Marketing & Program Management Consultant
If you’re managing projects and running meetings with multiple teams and stakeholders it’s a game changer.

Witful allows you to stay engaged in the conversation without missing any key notes or deliverables.
Senior Account Strategist

Track details
by person and across projects.

Project and program managers easily keep track of context and action items across complex projects. Accessing important details during a busy day has never been easier.

Impress clients and close more deals.

Account managers, consultants and professional services effortlessly manage relationships and follow-ups with notes that are automatically connected to the people they interact with.

Be a better manager.

Managers and directors always have the context they need to remain engaged, involved and able to give their best to the people they support.

The world doesn't need
another note app.

We have lots of meetings. We take lots of notes in those meetings, but what purpose do those notes serve? Are they helpful? Most of the time, not really.

There are tons of good note apps out there. We didn’t need another one. Instead, what we needed was a system for surfacing the value of the notes we take. We needed a system that could take care of things that computers do well, like automatically organizing and categorizing digital content. Like surfacing that content when we need it most so that we can focus more on the things that we do well, like interacting with the people in our meetings.

Read the story behind why we built Witful to find out more about how it’s different.