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Be brilliant at what you do.

Impress your clients. Be a better manager. Close more deals. Never miss a beat.

Witful app home page
Witful app home page


Quickly get up to speed for your next meeting. Notes, action items and meeting history are surfaced when you need them.


Be fully engaged with the people in your meetings. Exactly what you need is right in front of you. 

Follow Up After

Create action items with a keystroke and see everything you need to do next, automatically organized for you.

The world doesn't need another note app.

What we need is an easier way to prepare before, a simpler way to be focused during, and a more intuitive way to take action after meetings.

We have combined the familiarity of your calendar, the simplicity of a text note, and an instinctual way to capture action items to keep you on point in your meetings. Smart features like note sharing, seamless video call integration, and automatic organization all add up to the best solution for people who need to switch contexts quickly and whose work revolves around what gets done during and after meetings.

Witful is so focused, fast and powerful that the people you work with will wonder what your secret is for being so consistently on point.