Can I share my Witful notes?

Yes! Witful includes a note-sharing capability, which is accessed at the top-right corner of any Witful note.

While sharing is enabled for a note, anyone with that share-link can read your note. They will see any edits you’re making in real time but they cannot edit your note. They do not need a Witful account to see the shared note. As soon as you click ‘Unshare,’ your note is back to Witful’s private-by-default mode and the link is immediately rendered inactive.

Follow these steps:

1. Select ‘Share’enable note sharing
2. Copy the share-link – this link is a read-only view of your note copy share link
3. To stop sharing select ‘Unshare’ – your note is immediately back to Witful’s default private mode disable note sharing

Can I use Witful with my teams?

Yes! Witful’s impact is amplified when it is adopted by multiple individuals or teams in an organization.  

The teams who are using Witful today feel more efficient, better organized and better able to get the most value out of every meeting and conversation. Witful supports organizations by supporting each person to be organized and on point with less effort. 

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