Witful makes your notes searchable and actionable. Effortlessly.

Witful turns your Google Calendar into your notes organization system

When you sync your Google Calendar, your notes are connected to your calendar events. We call these Witful tiles. Click into each tile to capture notes, to-dos or topics you want to cover. Keep in mind, taking notes in Witful does not edit or write back to your Google Calendar.

Witful gives you context for every meeting attendee

In an instant, see all past meetings, notes and to-dos associated with the people you work with. Simply @mention them in your notes, or click on their name in the attendees list, to link to their people page. In Witful, your notes are just for you - no notifications or shares go to your meeting invites or people.

Witful supercharges your to-dos

To-dos are easy to capture straight from your meeting note by adding ‘!!’. Automatically connect your meeting notes to related meetings when you add ‘#meetingname’, to add to-dos to the homepage or in related meetings. We call these Witful Threads. Threads create lightning fast links between all of your information and eliminate the need for you to remember details from meeting to meeting. Witful remembers them for you.

Witful automatically surfaces discussion topics

At the right time, in the right meeting, with the right people - no additional effort required. Simply add ‘??” to a discussion topic you need to address and it will appear in your Topics space. Topics carry forward from meeting to meeting until you check them off. Add #meeting references to send topics to other meetings.

And tons more...

Lightweight & fast
Witful is uncluttered and blazingly fast so it never gets in your way.
Chrome extension
Jump into your meeting note straight from Google Calendar.
Video meetings in one click
Launch your video meetings in one click - straight from Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams.
Thoughtful attachment handling
Easily add attachments to your meeting notes that are organized and searchable.
Calendar overview
Witful’s homepage gives you clear indicators of what’s outstanding and upcoming, at a glance.
Customizable daily reminders
Your day just got easier with Witful’s Daily Brief emails. Prepare for your day and launch Witful with one click.
Powerful search
Unlike most note and organization systems, Witful’s superpower querying lets you find anything you want. Period.
Note collaboration that works
No more typing over each other in a shared note. Use our read-only real-time sharing to amplify each other’s thoughts.

Combining the very best parts of your most important tools