What integrations do you offer?

We integrate with your Google Calendar and your video conferencing tools [Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype and most others.] Our video conferencing integrations allow you to launch your calls in one click [just press ‘v’]  – one of our many lightning fast shortcuts. Our Calendar integration automatically organizes and indexes all of your information, meeting notes and follow-ups by meeting and attendees. Your Google Calendar is the foundation of Witful’s personal organization system. Witful does NOT write back to your Google Calendar in any way – Witful is private by default, on purpose.

We’ve been intentional about taking a simplified approach to integrations. Many SaaS tools boast tons of integrations that often don’t lead to better organization or productivity. In our experience, poorly done integrations is worse than a handful of very well done integrations, especially for senior consultants, sales people, team leads, managerial roles and leadership positions. 

We are currently working on a few exciting new integrations but we feel strongly about keeping your Witful workspace lightweight and streamlined. We are NOT trying to replace things like ticket systems or CRM’s. We ARE reimagining a lighter-weight, nicer-to-use cross section of your notes app, calendar, relationship and task management tools and meeting launcher. We’re reimagining your personal tech stack, to make your day better.