Lindsey Kluin

Lindsey has been a Witful enthusiast from the very beginning. At her prior leadership position, Witful helped her facilitate the delivery of results that delighted customers, while simultaneously nurturing healthy, high performing teams. She will never forget how it felt at the end of her first week using Witful – she closed her computer on Friday realizing that she just finished her most productive week yet, and was already prepared for Monday. Witful felt life changing.

She is in love with her small, quirky, beautiful town of Lyons, Colorado, the HQ of Witful. She and her husband Robert, co-founder of Witful, chose to root their family here to enjoy less traffic and more trails. Originally from NJ, Lindsey favors direct, clear-is-kind communication (#brenebrown) and is particularly fond of an occasional, thoughtfully placed f-bomb. For 15 years, Lindsey has enjoyed the cultural shift to Colorado, and the added bonus of a neutralized accent.

During the winter, you can find her on skate skis. During the summer, you can find her mountain biking and swimming in rivers. And every single morning, you will find her sipping strong, delicious coffee.