Robert Kluin

Robert is very passionate about Witful. He strives to know and understand the people on his teams in order to best support them. That means tracking discussions across meetings and following up when promised. He tried many solutions and none worked. He faced the same challenges when starting Real Kinetic. He put together a very rough prototype of a solution and we realized it was worth building.

Robert has tried to escape software throughout his career, but the pull of creating always draws him back. From the first time his C code compiled he was hooked. It became an addiction the first time a piece of software he wrote resulted in a user saying “ohhh, that’s great.”

In 2013 Robert moved to Colorado and immediately fell in love. He gets out on his mountain bike (almost) daily in the summer. In the snowy months he’s out on his cross country skis as frequently as possible. Like much the rest of the team he’s got a motto: is there any more coffee?